Veronica Quinn



Bachelor of Podiatry & Bachelor of Nursing

Veronica is a registered Podiatrist with the Australian Podiatry Association, having successfully completed her studies at Queensland University of Technology. Prior to her career in podiatry, she held a position as a Nurse, obtaining her Bachelor of Nursing from the Australian Catholic University.

During her time as a nurse, Veronica specialised in geriatrics, working in nursing homes across Brisbane and even managing some of them. Her decision to return to study stemmed from her realisation of the pressing need for podiatrists and lower limb specialists within the geriatric community.

Upon earning her Podiatry degree, Veronica embarked on her professional journey on the Sunshine Coast, where she worked in a clinic catering to a diverse array of patients, spanning from elderly individuals to
athletes and children.

She has successfully completed The Basic Course for Lower Limb Acupuncture, and takes immense pride in viewing her patients as unique individuals with specific lower limb concerns. Veronica’s approach to lower limb care is holistic and multifaceted, focusing on the personalised goals and outcomes of each patient. She places significant emphasis on fostering patient independence and supporting their ongoing participation in activities.

Special Interests:

Pediatric Podiatry: Our dedicated team provides compassionate care to children facing various foot conditions, with a particular focus on those with disabilities.

General Nail Care: We provide meticulous nail care services tailored to individual preferences, ensuring high standards of hygiene, especially for our elderly patients.

High-Risk Foot Care: Tailored treatments are available for individuals with compromised immune systems, such as those with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or cancer, focusing on wound management and prevention.

Sports Podiatry: We offer specialised care for forefoot injuries common in athletes, including sesamoiditis, Morton’s neuroma, bursitis, plantar plate injuries, and bunions.

Diabetic Foot Care: Our services include annual diabetic foot reviews and educational support to manage diabetic-related foot complications effectively.

Women’s Foot Health: With a focus on the impact of hormonal changes on foot health, we provide guidance on appropriate footwear, emphasising quality and style.

Nail Surgery: We perform both partial and full nail removal procedures to address conditions like ingrown toenails or fungal infections.

Neurological Podiatry: We explore strategies to enhance mobility and improve quality of life for individuals with neurological conditions affecting the lower limbs.

Rheumatological Podiatry: Our comprehensive approach considers the diverse issues affecting mobility in conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune disorders, aiming to optimise foot health and overall well-being.

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